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Malays. Muslims. Mukmins. They're different.
Assalamua'laikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Naah, many of us are Malays yet Muslims too rite ? Malay is just race. While Islam is the religion. Wait there. Not all Malays are Muslims dear, and not all Muslims are Mukmins. And Mukmins are people who obey Allah and practice what's being teach in Islam. 

As in Malaysia, of course Malays are the main race here.  Majority Malays are Muslims. Many people said "Islam ? Ahh orang Melayu pun tunggang langgang sebab Islam." A'ah memang orang Melayu tunggang langgang. Typical lah. Tapi Islam bukan PENYEBAB di situ okay ? Islam is the best way of life. The religion of peace. A way to heaven. Malays are way back not because of Islam ! Orang Melayu ni masih jahil sebenarnya. Iye, memang kita mundur. Mundur atas satu sebab. Malas. Malas membaca. Malas bekerja. Malas mengkaji. Malas solat. Melas mengaji. Malas berbincang. Tapi rajin bergaduh. Rajin pertikai orang, sedang diri sendiri entah ke mana hala. Kan ? FAKTA. Selebihnya, faham-faham sendirilah. *Sensitip isu ni*

You may heard this "Orang Islam saja, tapi minum arak." or "Why aren't they praying ? They're Muslims ain't ?" Wait, let me ask you. Isn't there any Christians who didn't go to the church every Sunday ? Isn't it compulsory for them ? They'll totally answer yeah, it's true. There you go. It's the same here. They're Muslims but not Mukmins. Yeah in their identity card written 'Islam'. But as we know, their behavior isn't like Muslims. It's their faith. They should know what's good and bad. Otherwise, syaitans lead you to the Jahannam.

They're the one who's in Allah's path. They're Muslims and Mukmins. It's the highest ranking. Mukmins lead you to Allah. They're closer to Him as they obey Him. They believe in Islam and the lessons yet they practice them in their life. Aren't they special ? Unique ? Amazing ? Great ain't ? Time for hijrah. Be a good Malay, real Muslim and hijrah to a Mukmin. Will ya ? Hope so, Insyaallah.

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