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Basecode by: Aina Syaza
Editor: Amel Jasmeen
Owner: Usui's
Imagination of her
Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

You have me in the first love.
You know who I am, don't ya ?
You know everything about me.
You make my days.
You comfort me.
I'm the most important to you.
Your life, my life.

I'm stuck in the moment.
It's not like the old days.
Anger controls you.
I felt lost.
You never saw me.
Am I invisible ?

I can see it now.
I'm a big problem for you.
Looks like I'm a burden.
All the accusations,
Faced down.
I can't look at you.
My anger was high to max.
I'm sorry. 

I lost my sense.
Tears stop falling.
Smiles can't cure it.
Humors are gone.
It's senseless.

Do you know how hard I faced those moments ?  I'm sure you don't. Nobody cares. They talk. Keep talking. Keep accusing for what I didn't do. Blaming for something that's not true. Rumors spread. People believed. Nobody knows the truth. Only you. But you .. you pretending not to know it. Such a drama queen, ain't ? I'm sick of it. I'm tired. No more brightness in my life. You once promised, "Will never let you alone. Will always stay by your side. Will shine your days." You lied. 

An imagination formed into words. Such a fairytale. Truth remain unsolved.

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